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Charlton House Wealth Management has worked closely with other professionals to provide a tailored solution to facilitate people moving from Hong Kong to the UK.
A group of us have worked together for many years, and have created GOHK2UK, a strategic group of experts to help you on your way.

Whether you need one piece of advice on one element of your move, or you need a full suite of services to move yourself and your family, contact any one of us to get expert advice and begin your journey.

ITS Education Asia is a unique ecosystem of learning and counselling services in Hong Kong, available in-person and online. They have a long-standing history of accreditation with

UK bodies such as UCAS, Pearson, the British Council and multiple schools and universities.

FAQs is an independent Hong Kong law firm providing high quality immigration services. Their UK-based immigration consultant is dual UK and Hong Kong qualified, and perfectly placed to help process UK visa applications by HK individuals (for themselves and their families) and HK businesses (for their staff and families) as part of their permanent migration.


Established in 2001, Compete RPI provides a unique asset managed approach to the search and acquisition, letting and management of UK real estate. With offices in HK and the UK

complemented by multilingual staff who have been through the BN (O) process, they’re perfectly positioned to guide their clients through the process.

Panoba is a personal and bespoke UK educational consultancy. With an awareness that every family has diff erent academics needs for their children, Panoba utilises its connections with a wide range of schools to fi nd the perfect fit for each child.


Farnham Castle Intercultural Training are cultural training specialists supporting global businesses and international business people. They train people to communicate and work more effectively internationally and across cultures, to build more successful business relationships, and make successful transitions to living and working in the UK.


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