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Many visas to the UK are dependent on you demonstrating a certain level of ability in the English language. The government has a list of tests which it accepts for this purpose (known as SELTs or Secure English Language Tests). While there are a few available, the most well known and widely available are the IELTS test and the PTE test. Both of these have several versions.

The version you take will depend mostly on the visa type you require. Students often have much the visa clearance established by the school or university they apply to so you MUST check with institution as to exactly which test they accept.

For non-students, you should ask your immigration lawyer to confirm which test you will need. ITS is an official member for both PTE and IELTS and we can teach courses and help you enrol.

School entrance requirements vary enormously depending on the school type, its popularity and year groupd wo which you are applying.

Generally speaking, younger children have a more relaxed interview plus a few cognitive tests whereas older children may need to demonstrate examined ability across a range of academic subjects.

There are two key things you need to do:
1. Establish with your educational consultant which tests your child will need
2. Draw up a prep plan with ITS to efficiently get this prep done without overburdening and stressing your already busy child(ren)

Younger children need to have a little bit of experience just meeting a new adult and then having chat about themselves. They need to practice talking spontaneously and gain the confidence to so. A quiet child cannot pass an interview because the school will not learn anything about them.

Older children need to be more polished. Quieter introverts need to build the confidence to speak about their passions. louder extroverts may need to learn to reign it in. Everybody needs to be natural and not appear 'coached'.

For all children, they must avoid the trap of pre-empting questions or saying what they think the school wants to hear. Coaching for interview is therefore really quite important because so many people do not really understand what is truly involved.

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