Announcing a new addition to the Charlton House team


I’m delighted to confirm to you that a new member has joined the Charlton House team to work with us here in the UK.

Brendan Keylock is 28 and is working for us as a paraplanner.

Read more about Brendan, the role of a paraplanner, and how this adds an important extra dimension to our advice process for you.

Brendan has an ideal background for Charlton House

Given our status of having registered offices in both the UK and Hong Kong, Brendan’s background is perfect.

Although born in the UK, he grew up with his family in Hong Kong, and only returned to the UK to go to university at the age of 18.

Since then, he has started to build a successful career in financial services in the UK. Before joining us, he worked for an IFA practice in Bristol.

Brendan is well-qualified and is aiming to attain Chartered status.

His longer-term plan is to eventually move back to Hong Kong to work, so he’s an ideal recruit for Charlton House!

There were three big factors in his appointment

As well as his geographic background, there were three important factors that prompted us to ask Brendan to join us:

  1. His proven knowledge, skills, and experience in financial services
  2. The fact, as you’ve already read, that he’s well-qualified
  3. The high ethical standards to which he holds himself.

From an advice perspective, the last of those particularly impressed me. I’ve long thought that the ethical business standards of the kind you find in UK financial services surpass those that seem to be acceptable in Hong Kong.

So, one of my aims has been to ensure that, if you’re based in Hong Kong, you enjoy the same standards of ethics and probity as you would if you were in the UK.

Brendan’s role with Charlton House

The role of paraplanner has developed over the years.

Historically, a paraplanner would often just been seen as an administrative assistant, but it’s now considered to be crucial to the advice process. It’s a career in itself, as well as a stepping stone to full adviser status.

So, Brendan is involved in all the preparation that goes into adviser/client meetings, and then drives all the post-meeting follow-up activity.

He’ll join you at meetings and contributing fully, giving you the benefit of his expertise and business acumen.

Behind the scenes, he’s heavily involved in investment research and business analysis, including the production of cashflow forecasting and investment reports for you.

Beyond that, he gives me another pair of eyes from an advice perspective to the extent that I’ve given him full licence to challenge the decisions and assumptions I make. I won’t always accept them or agree with him, but that’s not the point.

Getting me to justify the advice we’re giving you – playing devil’s advocate if you like – can help improve the quality and accuracy of the advice you receive. It also ensures it continues to be tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

Get in touch

I’m sure Brendan will be getting to know many of you in the coming months.

In the meantime, if you do need to get in touch about anything, please contact us by email or, if you prefer to speak to us, you can reach us in the UK on +44 (0) 208 0044900 or in Hong Kong on +852 39039004.

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