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As wealth managers, we do much more than simply manage your investments. Instead, we work with you to understand what your financial goals are, both now and in the future. Once we’ve understood your goals, we can put together a personalised financial plan that will help you to achieve them.

Your financial plan is bespoke to you and your needs, but the types of things it will cover include:

Investment Management

We are completely familiar with advising on investments held in multiple jurisdictions and currencies. We’ll identify what investments you have and whether they are suitable for your needs. If we feel that they could be working better for you, we’ll work with you to understand how much risk you are willing and able to take with your investments. From this, we’ll identify the most suitable investment portfolios to meet your needs.

Tax Planning

Investments held in different locations are subject to different tax liabilities. With our expert knowledge of the UK tax regime and how this interacts with overseas taxation, we can identify suitable approaches for ensuring that you only pay as much tax as necessary.

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Estate Planning

We can help you pass on your wealth to your loved ones during your lifetime and afterwards. Through the use of various types of trusts, insurance and gifting, we’ll make sure that whoever inherits your wealth only pays as much tax as is necessary. At the same time, you’ll know how much you can afford to gift or spend your wealth, without worrying about it running out.

Retirement Planning

There’s more to retirement planning than simply building up your pension pot. With the tax implications associated with the Lifetime Allowance, it’s even more important that you look beyond your pension to meet your retirement needs. Using comprehensive cashflow forecasting tools, we’ll advise on the most appropriate ways of investing your money to achieve
the retirement you want to have. To find out if you’re ready for retirement take our free quiz by clicking the button below.

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International Portfolio Service

We’ve begun a working relationship with Morningstar CIO, a leading provider of investment data analysis and independent investment research.

Through its heritage with the financial consulting firm, Ibbotson Associates, which it acquired in 2008, Morningstar continues to be widely acknowledged as one of the leading authorities on the development of capital market expectations.

Financial advisers and other investment professionals turn to Morningstar for the tools that help them research, analyse and present their investment ideas.

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