Richard & Carolyn Cater: British overseas residents

Location: Cornwall, England

Clients since: 2015

Why did you seek financial advice?

“Initially we sought David’s advice regarding an offshore bond that was set up in 2012. It needed a thorough review in order to establish which aspects were still OK and which needed a change in order to meet our investment goals.

More recently we have engaged David to prepare a financial report on how best to structure our other investments in a tax efficient manner, especially with regard to inheritance tax planning. We wanted to be guided through the complexities of investments and an ever-changing taxation landscape by someone who was trustworthy, professional and reliable.”

How did we help?

“We took on board David’s recommendations for the offshore bond and subsequent years have proven that these recommendations met the ‘risk/reward’ target that was set. A detailed financial report has been submitted. We are currently going through the detailed financial report that David has prepared for us. We expect to move forward with agreeing a plan of action in a few weeks’ time.

How have you benefited from our advice?

“The offshore investments that David has been managing for the past five years have met our expectations and goals. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a real test of how robust the investments are and so far, we’re happy to say that they’ve done comparatively well. David’s guidance has helped us achieve peace of mind and sleep soundly knowing that our investments are in safe hands.”

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