Robert & Sarah-Jane Swift: British overseas residents

Location: Hong Kong, now Somerset, UK

Clients since: 2015

Why did you seek financial advice?

“Living overseas had been an amazing experience for the whole family, but with the children coming to the end of their education, it seemed a sensible time to start thinking about returning to the UK. We wanted to look at options for Robert to either have a change of career or take early retirement.

We needed to make investment plans which would enable us to move back to the UK but minimise our future tax liability. We also wanted to manage the amount of inheritance tax that our children would have to pay.”

How did we help?

“David spent time talking through our current situation, our plans for the future, and our current assets and investments to make sure that he understood our needs thoroughly. He then prepared a comprehensive report outlining the options open to us.

After that, he helped us to set up the investments and insurance plans that we needed. Since then, he’s maintained regular contact with us over the last five years. He talks us through the risks and opportunities associated with any major political and economic developments and makes sure that our investments are properly balanced to our appetite for risk, and in line with our future needs.”

How have you benefited from our advice?

“The planning that we did in advance of moving back to the UK made the transition process very straightforward. We’ve also gained peace of mind, knowing that the children will not have to deal with an inheritance tax problem if anything unexpected happens.

Careful management of our savings over the years also means that Robert only needs to work part time and we have a clear path to a financially secure retirement. Our time is Asia was a great life-experience for the whole family, and with good advice and careful planning we’ve been able to use the financial benefits of this experience to transition back into a relaxed and enjoyable life here in the UK.”

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