Andrew Russell: International overseas resident

Location: Hong Kong

Clients since: 2015

Video transcript:

Three words I’d use to describe Charlton House: friendly, honest, accountable.

Charlton House is especially useful for expats. Ones where they’ve got international aspirations or international footprints; David and his team can manage that complexity.

My wife and I are quintessential expats, I guess. We were born in Canada; grew-up there. But I’ve always had a British passport and when we moved to the UK, we both became British Citizens. We lived there about 10 years but have been travelling ever since, so we’ve lived in countries in Asia, in South-east Asia, South Asia and we lived in Europe, and of course we’ve lived in North America. So it’s been a great lifestyle for us.

By the time we moved to Hong Kong, by the time we got to know David, we were in a situation where we just had too many small financial assets in different locations; a few investments here, some bank accounts there, some pensions over there. So, we’d spend a lot of time trying to keep up to date with what they were all doing; keep up to date with what the options are, keep up to date with the changes that were happening.

David looked through our portfolio, helped us understand how it was working and where it wasn’t working; helped us understand parts where it was doing just fine, and we can leave them where they are.

And for us, you know, we took our time. We wanted to learn more about discretionary management, we wanted to learn more about David and how the operation worked, and we eventually built confidence.

I think that one of the differences that David brings to us, and Charlton House brings to us, is that bespoke service. It sounds very sophisticated, but really it’s just giving a solution to us that we’re happy with – that meets our needs.

We’ve been very reassured by how our money’s been managed – very transparent and open – and we’ve had some time back!

We’ve built a lot of trust with David and we enjoy working with him. So much so, that David and I have agreed that I’m going to join the Board of Charlton House and work together to help grow the business.

Would I recommend David and Charlton House to others? Absolutely!

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